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MAX5190 DAC board
LTC1746 ADC board
USB 2.0 interface board
I/O test board
GNU Radio integration
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Simple Software Radio Peripheral

The simple software radio peripheral [SSRP] is intended to be a simplified counterpart to the GNU Radio project's universal software radio peripheral. The primary goal of the SSRP project is to produce a low-cost modular hardware platform for high performance software RF signal processing. The SSRP hardware is designed to complement the capabilities the GNU Radio software, providing a simple high-bandwidth interface to facilitate moving RF signals in and out of a computer. The SSRP is comprised of an off the shelf USB 2.0 interface module and one or more custom daughterboards that provide various capabilities such as analog-digital/digital-analog conversion, FPGA based high bandwidth DSP, etc. The use of an off the shelf, well-documented interface board and a modular system architecture allows users to create and modify their own daughter modules for maximum system flexibility.

Brief Status
One Assembled LTC1746 ADC board available!
As of 10/14/2007 I have one LTC1746 assembled board available. I also have a few blank PCBs that I will sell separately or with the three ICs pre-installed. The assembled board is $120. Bare PCBs with documentation are $15. PCBs with the LTC1746, LP2989 and THS4501 installed are $60.

Phase Two Works! A new board featuring the MAX5190 8bit 40MHz is now under development. This new board will bring the capability to sythesize arbitrary waveforms of up to 20MHz bandwidth. The board has been assembled and successfully tested. See the MAX5190 board section.

The LTC1746 board works! The board is now in full production. Aquisition rates up to 15Msps (30MB/sec) have been tested and observed SNR exceeds 75db. More details (and pictures!) on this board are available in the LTC1746 board section. In the software side of things, simple asynchronus and synchronus data transfer firmware have been developed. Corresponding host utilities, a SSRP library and an initial GNURadio module have been completed as well. All code is available for download in the SSRP and gr-ssrp tarballs. Performance tests have reached 40.8MB/s average transfer rates.

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