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MAX5190 DAC board
LTC1746 ADC board
USB 2.0 interface board
I/O test board
GNU Radio integration
Want to Help?
Want to help?
Updated: 5/22/05

As the roadmap shows, there are a lot of things to be done in many different fields. Right now its just me that's working on the SSRP and being a student with a job I have finite time. As such, I really appreciate any little bits of help that other people have to offer. I'll try to keep this page up to date-so check back every now and then.

Things that need to be done:
  • Develop a DAC board for the SSRP
            It would be nice to have a DAC board to complement the LTC1746 board. I'm perfectly willing to assist with hardware design and to handle the code modifications. A really useful project!

  • Improve the data transfer firmware
            I'm an electrical engineer and coding isn't my strong point so I'm grateful for any software help. The current code initializes the parallel data bus in FIFO mode and then begins committing packets to the USB interface. It be neat if the FX2 responded to status and control commands via the USB command endpoint. Also adding code for sending data out the FX2 rather than just recieving data would be good. The FX2 datasheet/technical reference manual and the USRP code will probably be helpful. I can give you all the technical information and header files you need.

  • Clean up/improve host computer interface code
            The current code works but could use to be cleaned up considerably. A good idea would be to figure out which functions we actually need and to kill the no-op ones. Making the necessary changes to enable data transmission (instead of just reception) would also be a good thing. Another idea is to make the configure system better, as I don't think that it checks everything that it should. Look at the USRP project for some existing code to borrow.

  • Whatever else you think might help
            What I've set out here are my ideas but I certainly haven't thought of everything. Want to design another daughterboard, rewrite the project overview or anything else?
    Go for it.
Things that might be needed:
  • Evaluation boards for ADCs, DACs or even FPGAs
            One of the primary goals for the SSRP is low cost, (hence developing our own boards) but having an evaluation board or two around would enable software development to procede while lower cost hardware is developed. A simple DAC evaluation board would enable us to make major advances at this point.

  • PCB production / SMT soldering capabilities
            All of the SSRP boards are designed to be etched and assembled by hand but commercial PCBs or professional assembly only expedite the development process.

  • Parts
            LTC1746s, hex encoders, SMT resistors and capacitors, copper clad board... none of them are all that expensive, but after a while things start to add up.

  • Test equipment use (Scopes, logic analyzers, etc)
            I have only my vacuum tube powered Tek 545 oscilloscope and my DMM. If someone with fancy equipment would do a critical analysis of the LTC1746 board that would be nice too.

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