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MAX5190 DAC board
LTC1746 ADC board
USB 2.0 interface board
I/O test board
GNU Radio integration
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I/O test board


Board Layout

I/O Board on USB interface

I/O Board components

The SSRP I/O test board is designed to exercise the various data inputs on the USB interface board to aid firmware development. It features four hex encoders to drive the 16 bit data bus, a quad dip-switch driving the FIFOADDR[1:0], *SLOE, and *SLCS pins on the FX2, three push buttons driving the IFCLK, SLWR and PKTEND pins and five status LEDs connected to port A. The board is single sided, and uses 0603 SMT components.

The board is complete and full construction details are available upon request.

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