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MAX5190 8bit 40Msps DAC board

MAX5190 Rev. 0.1 Schematic (PDF)
MAX5190 Rev. 0.1 Complete Design Files (Schematic/PCB) (gEDA)

The MAX5190 board is being developed to provide output capability for the SSRP. The design features a high output rate (40Msps) with decent SFDR (8bits ~70dB). So far the initial schematic capture and layout are complete. An initial prototype will be contructed when the PCBs arrive from the manufacturer.

This board is unique in that it was entirely designed using free software. The previous SSRP boards were produced with CadSoft's proprietary EagleCad, but this board has been entirely developed with the GPL'd gEDA tool suite. Binaries and source code are freely available from

A brief list of specifications can be found below:

Resolution8 bits
Sample output Rate40Msps max (set by crystal)
Analog outputBi-polar, Single-ended
Analog output impedance50 ohms
Analog output voltage400mV p-p
Physicalapprox. 2"x2"

Maxim MAX5190 Datasheet

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